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Would she be responding to my email, 4 mos. later if she was moving fwd w/ him? - Relationship, Dating Forums, Advice on Love
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Default Would she be responding to my email, 4 mos. later if she was moving fwd w/ him?

Dated for close to 2 years, she moves away for graduate school to get her phd. I couldn't go because I'm still in school, nor did she want anyone to go with her. I believe she felt this would be a growing experience for her. It hurt me so bad to have to let go of her, but it hurt even more to see her with someone new so quickly. She I guess felt the need to tell me about it. Afterwards, I cut her off. I've never felt so devastated in my life. I didn't delete her from my FB, but unsubscribed from her and never looked at her profile. For some reason she was always liking and commenting on my statuses/posts and more than anyone else. I ignored them for the most part. On two separate occasions I received a pic of her cat sent to me, once by text message and the other by email, 5 months apart. According to my friend, it sounded as if they had broken up at least once or had some issues or something. I did also receive a phone call too that I missed. Called back, no answer a day later.

Down the road, I did find her on multiple dating sites listed as single and I was happy to see that, but still hurt that I couldn't be with her. Everyone told me that her FB activity on my page was good and that I shouldn't have been ignoring it. About 8 months after that guy disappeared from her profile photo, he reappeared again and it was a repost of the same photo of him wearing the mirrored aviator sunglasses! I was just sick to my stomach! Looked like a real douche actually, but to see him back again after all of that time and now her dating profiles were gone, I felt like that was it. I disabled FB and never got back on it. Now many told me he probably was back because he's local and she's lonely, etc etc.

About a month went by and I decided I needed to writer her a letter via email. I poured my heart into a 1.5 page letter. I told her how I felt about her, how I felt about the situation and how it hurt to bad to see her with someone new and so fast and with him again as it appeared and that I missed her a lot.

I sent it from my school email account and never logged back in, fearing a bad reply back. 4 months went by and one day I logged into my old AOL account which I never use except to clean out the inbox from time to time. I had to do a password reset for something which used my AOL email address. So I logged in and low and behold there was an email from her that very morning. The subject line said, "Question". I got into a panic and couldn't open it. I didn't know what to think. Why send it to my AOL? Seemed odd. I wondered what question could she possibly have? People were telling me that it was likely good otherwise you wouldn't hear anything at all and that if she was moving forward with him, I wouldn't get any email 4 months later. Also, many say its likely she wrote something to my school account but since i never logged back in, I went unread.

I guess I'm just worried its something bad, but I mean why write something bad 4 months later and send it to a different account? Seems mind boggling. Worth noting, my linkedin profile apparently was viewed twice by her this summer.
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Did you read it?.
How will you know unless you read it?
Please read it, would love to know what she had to say
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You sound a lot like me. I have been afraid to open emails because I was worried about rejection. I try to hang on long after a relationship ended, just because I did not want to struggle to find someone else.

I am working hard on changing my confidence and attitudes, but it is not always easy. The first thing you need to do is to read the email. Sure, it could be a rejection email, but you will never know unless you read it. The longer you wait, the more definite she will feel that you do not care.
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1) You're a jerk. Read the mail
2) You're ignored her activities on FB, that was a smart move. She now knows that this guy's a man of substance. Some say that one should go and contact, which i found in my experience as misleading as it screws up the image in the long run.
3) The girl misses you and the fact that you were good with her, and she was such a biach to have left you for someone.

Now read the mail, and reply back. And once u reply, post here the update.
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