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Default In love with a girl I've never met

I recently watched “Catfish The Movie” and I’ve become greatly inspired to unravel the mystery behind a girl I met over the Internet a year ago. We stopped talking for over a year then I texted her last Thanksgiving not thinking she would remember me. However, after telling her my name she quickly remembered and even quoted something I said a year ago. It touched me and I was single at the time. I guess you could say that it drew me to her. We kept texting and eventually started growing close to eachother. It’s been 3 months now. We text each other every day and she usually text me in the mornings before I even wake up. It’s gotten to the point where we call eachother babe and say we love each other regularly.
I’ve only talked to her on the phone twice. This initially made me skeptical. She’s very gorgeous and she just makes me feel this amazing feeling. I know there’s someone who can relate to meeting someone who just makes them feel GREAT about themselves and that a simple text from them can get you in the brightest mood. I would always ask her to skype me so I knew for sure. She would always say she would but somehow find a way not to. It was the samething when we were suppose to meet 2 months ago. I was going to meet her and her parents but she had a funeral to go to and cancelled. More things like this kept happening; No skype, she would avoid phone calls and she hasn’t met me still. So one day I just decided to stop talking to her on the hunch that she was fraud.
After a few days of no text she text me. She said she missed me and was miserable without me. The truth was I was hurting to not getting to talk to her-I missed her. So somehow we started up again and rebuilt our strange relationship. I didn’t take it too serious until she skyped me. It was her. The girl I fell for and got attached to was who she said she was. It made me fall even harder now that I had confirmation that she was real. The only thing was I didn’t have a webcamera so now it looks like I’m the fraud-ironic I know. The night after we skyped I went out and bought a webcam in order to prove I was real. She said she would skype me but again she found a way out. Now her laptop is being repaired so she has no access to skype. We still tell eachother we love one another and text on a regular basis. She tells me her problems and I listen. I try my best to make her feel good about her self and show her how beautiful she is-not only on the outside but inside too. She’s a little insecure;she doesn’t’ think highly of herself, she’s been mistreated in her past and she’s even said she doesn’t deserve me. She’s so wrong. I try my best to make her feel the happiness she’s helped me feel. I do love her.
She beats around the bush about meeting me and kind of avoids it. She says she does want to meet me but when I ask her out she inevitably turns me down with an excuse. I don’t want to move on without exhausting every single option I have. When I want to leave the thought what if she’s that girl I’ve been looking for passes my mind. I need to find out more about her and try every option. I wanted to know what you all think and offer any suggestions you have. She’s 17 and I’m 19. We live 35 minutes apart. This was long thanks for reading. Say whatever you feel ☺
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It sounds like have ample and credible reasons why to have a slight distrust. I too have seen that film and though I don’t think this could be a case of completely lying, I do believe that someone can fib their way regarding how they look. Just looking at Facebook profiles of my friends I realize that most people post old and better looking photographs of themselves. Heck, now that I think about it I look a little thinner in my profile picture than I really am. I think that’s why she might be avoiding having a conversation through Skype. Maybe she’s a little embarrassed about what you might think of her if she doesn’t look quite as you expected. Since she lives so close by, you should suggest you two meet up. After all, you’re going to want to do this anyways sometime in the future. I think now that you’ve talked so often it’s appropriate for you two to meet up for some coffee.
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