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Default Why men want a naughty girl

Hello all! I wanted to share some of my recent thoughts:

There is a common saying among men. They want a ďlady in the public, but a freak in the bed.Ē Every guy likes a sweet and cute girlfriend who can have a great time with his family. But when the two of you are alone, you need to reveal your wild side to him. Thereís nothing that turns on a guy more than knowing that his girlfriend is a little minx on the wild side when sheís not trying to make a good impression. Men want duality in the women they are with. They want surprise, they want a break from the normal, and they want to be teased.

Most men face a lot of pressure in their life. Men feel like they need to be the bread winner, the protector, the aggressor, and the decision maker. Not to mention that they are just as insecure as women. Now take all of that and wrap it around the fact that they have been raised in a society that suppresses their innate masculinity. Men have lost touch with their ancestral manliness, and that primal side can now only be accessed through an emotional stimulus like anger, danger, or lust.

There are two points I am trying to make here. The first point is that menís egos are fragile and require positive reinforcement. Whereas a woman can get her ego boost from verbal compliments, men feed off of actions. For us, actions speak 10 times louder than words. The second point is that if you want to see his true side in the bedroom, you need to help him access his primal side. Thatís where naughty girls come in. Naughty girls make men feel better about themselves and let them know it is okay to let go.

She reminds him that he is wanted.
She reminds him that over all the other guys out there, she chose him.
She reminds him while he is at work that there is someone waiting for him that wants him to ravish her when he gets home.

These things help give men a huge confidence boost, decrease stress, and can turn them into an overall better person. I know it sounds like a bit much, but you will be surprised how differently a man carries himself when he is in a relationship where he is fully satisfied.

Okay, so thatís great for him, but what is in it for you? That is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, and the answer is very simple. A man who is having those needs met in a relationship is going to treat you better, do nicer things for you, have a lower chance of infidelity, become much more enthusiastic in the bedroom, and most importantly, make you feel wanted and desirable as well. How great does it feel knowing that someone is dying to touch your body and have his way with you? Not a bad payoff for something that you are going to have fun doing anyways.

Keep in mind that men are still hunters. They want the feeling that they are chasing. They want to work for it. No one values what comes to them easily. That is why a naughty girl balances sexual surprise with sexual tension. She toys with him in places where there is no chance for him to release the tension. She places an obstacle in his way that stops him from having her. It will satisfy his inner hunter while driving him crazy at the same time.

It is up to you how often you choose to be naughty. The naughty girl represents a duality in your personality. It is that side of you that he knows is there, but never knows when it is going to show up or how. The randomness of it all adds to the fun and should be unpredictable in his eyes.

Both men and women have forgotten the art of seduction. The desire that anticipation can bring. The fantasies that mystery can invoke. The passion that explodes after a night of sexual tension. A naughty girl utilizes these elements to the point where her man canít hold himself back any longer. She does this until the other side of him comes out, the more animalistic side.

That is what makes men want a naughty girl. She brings out the primal side of him. The animalistic, ďI want your body, Iím going to have you now and ravish youĒ side. As men, when that part of our brain takes over, we become a completely different style of lover. We become less inhibited and get drawn into the moment. If you have never experienced this before, then you are in for a treat.

Naughty girls play to our fantasies. They are the women that all men dream about having but never knew existed outside of movies. Men are beginning to understand that women love sex as much as they do. Yet we still have a lifetime of social programming telling us that it is something we have to convince you to do, a barrier we have to overcome to fulfill our needs. This has made men cautious.

Cautious in interacting with women
Cautious in confronting situations with women.
Cautious in the bedroom.

You know that fantasy where a man (maybe your man) comes in and completely has his way with you? He is dominant, forceful, and aggressive and just allows you to melt into ecstasy. A naughty girl can turn her man into that, but first, she has to show him that she wants that side of him and it is ok.

Yes, you could try to have a talk with him, but words are not the most effective way to reach that side of him. You can only reach it by building so much sexual tension in his mind that his rational brain loses out to his primal brain and triggers caveman mode. That is what a naughty girl does, and that is why men want her.

Men do not think less of a woman when she is naughty. They love her more for it. They love the fact that they have a woman that wants them. They have a woman that makes them feel wanted. They have a woman that has chosen them over all the other guys. Believe it or not, the naughty moments donít have to happen all that often to leave an imprint on his mind.

I still think back to a day when I was leaving for work, and my girlfriend at the time told me not to go. She wasnít seriously trying to stop me, but as I was leaving, she grabbed two of my fingers and sucked on them for a few seconds. It drove me crazy, haunted my thoughts for the rest of the day, and I was speeding back home after work. Here is the interesting thing about it; that was 5 years ago!

Very few men have had these types of experiences because very few women actually do them. Yes, every relationship has its sexy moments, but naughty moments are different. They come out of nowhere and linger in your mind. They are the ones that stick in your head and create memories. If you want your man to think about you all day, then give him something to think about!

I would love to hear your comments on this from both men and women.

If you are interested in how to become naughty, my book "The Naughty Girl Playbook" is free on Amazon today. I would appreciate any feedback you have!
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Naughty girls are just more fun, they are flirty, they enjoy catching your eye, telling grubby jokes and execution with the guys. bad girls because they are just hotter. All this crap you have written is little to do with it, for me anyway. They are just more interesting and exciting and fun and boys just love a woman with outlook.
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I think you bring up some very good points about the duality of women (naughty girl vs. proper / nice girl) and how men react to it in their various manifestations. How did you conduct this research or come up with this opinion. I really, really like it and think there’s much validity in it. I wonder what you think about a girl who changes the type person she is over time as she explores more sexual experiences with different men in her life. Do you believe the transformation is a result of a girl becoming more comfortable with the naughty girl role or a result of her being more knowledgeable in sex acts? I know that in my case I’ve assumed a naughty girl’s role because I’ve just felt more comfortable with what I knew about sex and not just to turn my boyfriend but to enjoy the experience myself.
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Isbel Delaney
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Guys don't like nice girls because there is basically a thin line between being a nice girl and being a pushover. Guys are natural hunters, meaning, they like the thrill of the chase. If they see that you are already putty in their hands during the first few dates then the thrill eventually disappears.
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Isbel Delaney
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Many guys don't like nice girls because they also tend to be uptight and conservative.
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