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Default relationship issues - please help

So Tim and I have been together 2 years now in May 2013. My biggest problem here is I love him sooooo much! He is my everything... BUT I feel it is incredibly one-sided. He shows me little to no affection. The only time he cuddles is when we are in bed ready to go to sleep or when we are sleeping he will randomly put his arm around me. We could be sitting watching TV and I could try and hold his hand or just simply put my feet in his lap just to stretch out my legs for a bit and he will literally give me a devil stare. I used to try and kiss him and he would not even attempt to kiss me back so it would be like me kissing the back of my own hand. He has gotten a little away from that recently though. I give him credit there. I get zero compliments from him. He does however call me "babe". Very rarely does he ever want a hug. I have tried time and time again to talk to him about it but he wonít talk. He just says that he has no idea why he doesn't give me affection. I have talked to his mother about it through email several times. She has told me he has never been in a relationship as serious as ours. She feels he doesn't "know how" to have a relationship. He does have a learning disability which prob started when he was born as the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. He sort of lacks common sense per say. I am not saying he is stupid or anything because he's not. He's had allot happen in his life. His sister was murdered 6 years ago and they haven't found her body yet. She was his only sibling. I know that plays a heavy toll on his mind. I am trying all I can do to just simply accept his faults (which I do, no one is perfect) and to understand him but itís not working so well. I need the love and compassion and compliment that heís not giving me. But yet I donít want to give up. There are countless times during the day that I will talk about something and he simply doesn't care. He has even interrupted me like I wasn't even talking. He doesn't listen to me at all. I need some answers. Why would he treat me like this? What did I do to deserve this? No love no respect no nothing? I seriously feel alone. I have even had to seek compliments online from my guy friends just to hear it and feel important. Tim isn't cheating on me because I am with him ALL THE TIME! I know he does love me because there are times he shows me by checking on me all the time when I donít feel good and so on like that but I need to physically feel it too. Like I said before the sex is defiantly not an issue. Itís amazing! I am just in desperate need of things I am not getting from him. I donít feel good enough. I have told him all this before but I am at wits end. I am about ready to throw in the towel and give up. There was one time I read something online about being in love and walking down the street holding hand and I read it to him and he said that, that will never happen. I asked him why not and he said it just wouldnít. I just donít understand. How can he be in love with me and want me to be his wife yet treat me like I am just a friend?!?! I really need some advice here! He was so very good in the beginning then I have no idea what happened. I donít feel it worth a darn to even stay but yet I canít let go.
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