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Friendship Advice Do you have romantic feelings for a friend? Do you think a friend might feel more for you? Come on by & let's talk about your friends.

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Old 02-03-2014, 08:48 AM   #1
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Beating Heart Falling in love with the best friend!


Here I am head over heels in love with my best friend!

She says she doesn't like me and there is no chance we can be together..

But I feel she likes me and is just too scared of a relationship!

She cares a lot about me
Knows everything about me
Self proclaims that she understands me completely
Spends a lot of time with me
Accept gifts from me whereas she is so uncomfortable taking even the smallest favors from others
Doesn't mind me flirting with her
Doesn't mind me sketching her
Doesn't mind our friends teasing her about me
Even though I am very overtly proclaiming my feelings most of the time.. she isn't really perturbed!
She is single and has no crush or interest in any other boy either
Gets irritated when I do something wrong!

What should I do? Is she scared of relationships? Can she be mine in the future?

Need some mature well thought advice.. not the usual leave her and look for someone else.. she is a very very good friend before anything so breaking the friendship is not worth it!
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Girls can be emotionally attached without any romantic feelings. You are just a BF without benefits. Your feelings are just swallowing you up with false hope. You can interpret her actions as something romantic all you want, it still won't change what she had told you. Reality is you are friend zoned, and she is using you as her emotional tampon. There is going to be a day when she stops talking to you because she has met a new guy and starts dating him, and there you are crying in your cornflakes. Keep your friendship, but be open to other girls. You will not miss opportunity with your friend because there is none. You cannot make someone or force someone to fall for you. If she told you no not going to happen, she means it. You see a girl knows if you are BF material and will sure as hell let you know it right away. This girl is sucking you dry, and it's not a good thing to be caught up in. Tip: never take jealousy as love, You have been giving her attention without obligation, so she's taking that for granted. Stop the cycle and start to cut back on the attention. She's not your GF so stop treating her like one.
I'm here, listening..........
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