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Default Is he interested or does he just want to be my friend?

So I met this guy through a mutual friend a few weeks ago. I get the impression that he's a little shy. He messages me on Facebook after I add him and he says he wants to get to know me better. I think nothing of it and agree to hang out with him, but in the end he cancels because he has a lot of work/homework to do. We end up hanging out in the library instead. We talk and I realize that I enjoy talking to him. We meet up with our friends later that day.

I realize then that he recently had a messy break up.

A few days later he then invites me to go help him do something, but he doesn't tell me what. I assume that he wants me to help him with some work, so I agree because at this point I see him as a friend. He ends up taking me to a lake near our college campus, and he wanted to show me a rope swing that was there, but somebody had chopped the tree down, so it wasn't there anymore. He seemed pretty disappointed, but I tell him it's all right, the sunset was looking pretty great. We end up talking for a couple of hours watching the sunset and the birds fly across the lake. At that moment, I started to develop small feelings for him, but I'm not exactly sure what to really think. All the guys that have liked me never really did things like that for me, they always just blatantly showed me and told me that they were interested in me. So this guy and I talk about our families, and he comments that he thinks it's great that I'm close to my family. I start developing feelings for him. He walks me to my class and we part ways, no kiss or hug or anything. We just part ways.

Recently, he calls me after work and asks me if I want to go hang out with him, his best friend, and his best friend's girlfriend. I had nothing to do really, so I agree. When we get off the train and go to his friend's house, everyone is relaxed, there were only the six of us. I get along with everyone, and I have a good time. The Guy gets my drinks for me and doesn't really ask anyone else except me, and I accept the drinks he gives me (he makes pretty great highballs too). We then realize that we missed the last train back to our city, so his best friend offers us the futon. We're too drunk anyways to figure out how to get back, so we accept his kind offer. The Guy and I sleep on the futon, and we pass out. Nothing happens.

We wake up and leave for the train, very tired. He kept talking to me, asking me questions, initiating conversations. I figured he's just talkative. Even though we spent the whole night together, we agree to meet up later to hang out in the park because it was such a sunny day. I show up late to our meet time in the afternoon because public transportation is terrible (..and I went to the wrong location..) When I see him at the park he sees me as he's sitting on the grass, stands up as I walk toward him, and sits down when I do. We watch the people and talk. He cores an apple and we smoke out of it, it was delicious. We go and get some food. He paid for my empanada without telling me really, and I got confused because I didn't know he got me one. He said he figured it would be easier that way. We talk some more. After I finish my empanada, we walk towards the train station. He drops me off at my stop and says, "Hug?" I smile and hug him. We pull away, laugh and say, "I thought you didn't like hugs?" He says, "Well only when I'm drunk." And I was going to say, "Well you're not drunk now." But I didn't. I thank him for the empanada and we part ways.

I text him a day later, saying "Hey do you have time to hang out today or are you sick of me yet?" He replies, "Aw man, I'm sorry but I need to work on my speech all night tonight. And of course I'm not sick of you! We're friends now!"

Sorry for it being so long, but I'm not really sure what to think...
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Here according to your story i suggest you to ask him about this. And also tell him about your feeling that what you think about him. And wait for his response.

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Old 12-06-2012, 01:31 AM   #3
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Tammie is on a distinguished road

well, I think its too early for him to figure out what he really feels towards you ..
may be he is just busy occupying his mind with the thought ''friendship''.

just wait a little.. HUG is normal, two-people can hug each other even they're friends.
But kissing may be is different thing, if that might happen then ask him about it ..
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