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Online Dating-Relationships Are you in an online relationship? Are you thinking of trying the internet to meet someone? Share with us your thoughts, experiences or concerns.

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Old 01-16-2013, 10:19 AM   #1
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Default Online text-based relationship

So basically I've met this girl in an online game a month ago, and for some reason I started writing to her on skype about basically anything I could find. I don't really know why I even started writing to her so much, whether it was just because it was a girl online (as ridiculous as it may sound) or because I really felt like I did like her. In any case, ever since days passed when we wrote more to each other in a day than I wrote to my friends in a year - basically my whole day was writing to her, sometimes playing a game or two with her, and then writing to her again.

We've come to a point now where we consider each other boyfriend/girlfriend which are grand words to use knowing all we really do is write to each other. I have heard her voice, and she has heard mine, but that was mostly in big skype conversations and we never really talked 1on1 because we both agree that would be extremely awkward (and we both are shy and awkward) and we have shared photos, but the rest is all just text. I did tell her I'd visit her as soon as possible (from Europe to Australia) though...

The thing is, I don't really know how to feel about all this. I don't know if I love her, or if I'm just trying to force me into loving her or if I just like her a lot, or nothing. When I think about it our relationship being merely text-based I can't really know, can I? In the evening I somehow am always happy that the last thing I do before going to sleep is have a 2-3 hours writing section with her, but in the morning I always have this feeling that I don't really know what to think about all that, and then I'm scared I don't love her enough or something like that and it's a horrible feeling because for some reason I WANT to love her.
Has anyone had a similar situation ? Can this relationship even work out if I'm so doubtful about it ? Am I just being childish and asked her out just because I could ? I feel kind of lost and I don't like the fact that my feelings about this relationship vary the whole time... anything to say about it ?
Thanks in advance : )

PS: I guess it may be useful to know I'm 19 and she is 17, if that is of any importance.
PPS: no idea why I double-posted this, and I don't know how to delete my thread - sorry :-/
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Old 01-24-2013, 02:01 AM   #2
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Bouncing Heart You both are too young

Long distance relationships never really work out. You both are so young. Chatting, texting with someone on line is okay, as long as you don't play one another. That could hurt someone real badly. I wouldn't go to see her, she is too young. You need to concentrate on having fun in your life, have a one on one relationship with a girl when you are much, much, older. All these young people, are children in the minds. They have children that they can't take care of. They don't know how to respect their elders, and they spend too much of someone else's money. Work and do to school. Make something of yourself. Then you are ready for a relationship, okay?
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Your story sounds similar to mine-it's double posted as well because i want answers fast haha. The girl I'm with is 17 too/Me being 19. We text everyday, we've skyped and talked on the phone. Three months and haven't met yet I I'm so sure ya know? I genuinely care about this girl. She tells me things and I tell her things. It's a bond and through that bond my feelings for her grew. I use to think online dating was dumb until it was me in that same scenario. First of all you don't sound ridiculous. I admire your courage for even posting your dilemma online. What i''ve learned is you can't rely on how someone else feels about "your" situation-they're not in your shoes so their opinion can't be taken to heart. Although perspective is nice to have you need to think about how YOU feel about this situation. Do you like her alot or a little, can you see yourself being serious with her or no, if she suddenly stopped talking to you would you hurt. You need to find out how serious YOU are about her. Yes you are a bit young. But so what? Love is very strange and not so predictable only the person who's in love can truly know the right thing to do even if the conclusion hurts. If you find yourself caring for her deeply my only suggestion is having a webcam chat so you two both know you're talking to the person you say you are. There are very sick, lonely and desperate people out there and they will trick people like you and I. Before you go investing your heart and time into this girl make sure SHE'S REAL. As for your feelings, only you can decide on that. You'll get both positive and negative responses-this is one of those times where you must trust your gut. Good luck friend check out my threads if you have the time.
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