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Unhappy tell me if it's a hopeless long-d relationship?

Recently there's been this really really sweet guy who told me he likes me, and I am starting to like him more and more. But, our situation is preventing us from getting together. We live in the same country, just different cities about 2-3 hrs apart. We also go to different schools, but I know a lot of people in his grade &class.

I talked to him last night, and I asked him what he think about us. I told him I like him a lot too, because he's already told me he likes me. He said he was planning for us to "get to know each other throughout the year, then during summer vaca, we can get together and chill all summer" We can hangout a little now and then for now until summer. But the thing is both of us can't rly travel that much. (parents won't allow us to)

Many of his friends in his school thinks it's unlikely and impossible for us to have a relationship. We dont even rly know each other. I just like how sweeeet he is <3

This is bugging me so much because he's my second crush ever sincee.. i was born basically. I almost never fall for guys . UGH ! if only we could be togetherrr D:
but we're both pretty awkward/shy around new people, even worse when face to face.

mm, idk how everything's gna work out. but i neeed opinions. like should i stop myself from falling for him until i know for certain that we are rly likely? or should i "take risks in life because that's what life's about"? im worried that since we dont go to school together and will only be meeting during breaks, im afraid things will just fade away. do you guys even think this relationship is possible though? he's such a sweet guy and i haven't been in a relationship for so long, so idk if i should take a shot helpppp !thankkkks so much .
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