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Default Cyber dating with a girl in Poland

I met this girl in chat room on Omegle and we exchanged Email and added each other on Facebook. We seem like we share some common interest and she said she is coming to the US in 2 years by then she would have enough money to leave Poland, she is planning to go to college here in the US. Since I never been on a date with anyone before this might be my opportunity to be with someone despite I would have to wait 2 years before she can come here. Have anyone try to build a relationship with someone that is outside the United States?

Some of you ay say how come your not meeting women local to you?
My reason is straight forward, American girls never seem interested in me. I get a few that look at me but they don't say nothing, like or how you doing anything. It's hard to meet girls at school because I'm taking 4 courses with the same group of people so I don't have much opportunity people who are single. Plus you need to have a car, house and good money. From what I read online European girls don't really care about those things. Most of this stuff I read from online and the way things are for me, I beginning to believe those blogs. No wonder why I never dated and never been in a relationship.

She is 18 and I'm 26 btw!
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