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Relationship, Dating Forums, Advice on Love - View Single Post - It's almost our two year dating anniversary and we barely say I love you because we'r
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You should know the earlier and clear signs of an unhealthy relationship and how to make a failing relation into a successful one.
A healthy relationship means that you have mutual respect and communication. You can be honest with the person because you trust them and know they won't go ballistic if you disagree. You respect each other enough to allow for each other's differences and agree to disagree. You choose your battles, instead of wanting to be in control of the other person, or letting them control you.

An unhealthy relationship is one-sided, where one person is always the giver and the other is always the taker. Also when you spend your time "keeping them happy" or working around their problems. That's codependence. Deception, falseness, or lack of respect. If a person mocks their partner in public (or indeed in private) and is abusive and belittling, talking trash about them all the time or using the "silent treatment" to bring them into line. Anyone who consistently acts like an immature child, or treats you like a child, is not a good life partner.
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