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Default Someone give me advice

Well okay my situation now is that apparently things did not go that good with that guy the girl i like was with and she just wont tell me about it but I know. Anyway, one of her best friends, is one of mine too and I talked to our friend about this whole thing. I was unsure of what I truely wanted before I talked to our friend and she told me to go home and think about it, this was like a few days ago. So I did just that and sat and found out what I wanted. I decided it was the girl I liked but I just wanted to make sure of it. I have been pretty bummed because my feelings have gotten stronger for her, like everytime she texts me, my heart pounds, when i see her i smile too much, and i get really really shy even though we've been friends for a while. Which all of this led me to write this.

"Every time I walk near you, something catches my eye. A glimpse of something that may never be within my reach. You are truly great, and every time I think, I feel like those chances are slipping away into the shadows. Your smile inspires me to smile. It’s like magical every time I look at you and you smile. It breaks through the barriers, which I have put up in defense of falling, but I can’t help it when your smile is so overpowering. As I keep my head up, I think about all the great things about you, hopefully not to be let down once again. I speak only the good and the truth because there is nothing less than that. I talk the sweet lines in every story, we both smile profusely. Your eyes, your smile, just you could win me over in a second. When I looked down upon myself, you were right there to pick me back up from the hell I was in. Just as a friend, but those actions, made me feel different. Intertwined as friends but I see it more. I wish you could see what I feel and feel this way too. I deserve you and You deserve me, but I just wish you could just see that. I can wait for you till you realize this, it just makes the feeling stronger for me. You have everything I look for, your smile speaks so many words. I love so many things about who you are and how you treat me. You make me feel as if I were running on monster. I walk by you with a smile, and always to get a smile back, and seeing your face makes my day"

We have been talking alot lately, mostly texting, and a few times in person like today was. I am going to talk to our friend soon and just be like I really like her. Hopefully she will help as well. I just get sad sometimes because i feel like i literally have 0 chance with her. I just dont even know what to do... I just kinda feel like a fail. I mean our talks are so good and we would be good together, but with that current thing that happened to her she doesnt seem happy with her aways and such. But I'm here for her and she knows that. Its just I really like herr.
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