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  1. Where would you want your first kiss to be
  2. how long should a good night kis last
  3. First Kisses
  4. Initiating a kiss
  5. Goodbye Kisses
  6. What...
  7. have you ever
  8. Do kisses lead to more...
  9. when was the first time & ....
  10. How long before first kiss with him?
  11. Kissing on the Neck
  12. What should kissing be?
  13. Science of a First Kiss
  14. Your first kiss...
  15. Kissing Do's & Don'ts
  16. Types of Kisses
  17. Kissing Basics
  18. French kiss advice
  19. When's the right time for a first kiss
  20. How many dates before the kiss?
  21. Best kiss ever?
  22. The kiss that I whished last forever
  23. Beginners Guide to Kissing
  24. awkward first kiss
  25. Best - Worst
  26. Create the moment or wait for it?
  27. Good/Bad Kissing
  28. My First Kiss
  29. Never been kissed (I'm 19 years old) and don't know how or when to kiss: need advice
  30. Kisses like never before
  31. Our First Kiss
  32. Guy and girl who don't know each other dance together at nightclub??? Is this normal?
  33. Do you like using your tongues?
  34. Kissing Tip - Have good breath
  35. Close your eyes
  36. She says she has a boyfriend but we are still moving along smooth
  37. How i got my ex back after 8 months of separation